Erotic Massage,” this is understood as a type of massage that does not include sexual contact, but aims at sexual stimulation and relaxation. This type of massage seeks to increase a person’s sexual sensitivity through touch and movements on the body, but does not include sexual contact or the sexual act. 🙂

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Erotic massages are usually used to enhance sensual experiences and reduce stress. The techniques used during such massages are usually gentle and relaxing. However, it is important to remember that, as in all Erotic Massage therapies, the key is to provide a comfortable and respectful environment for both parties – both the person giving the massage and the person receiving it.

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Erotic massage – Your Key to Pleasure and Relaxation.
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Keep in mind that the aim of Erotic Massage is to relax and achieve mental and physical balance. Massage should take place in an environment where both parties feel comfortable and safe. If you want to learn more about Erotic Massage or are thinking of having such an experience, it is important to consult a professional massage therapist or expert you can rely on.

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Benefits of erotic massage: Increased comfort and pleasure

Erotic massage is a type of massage that aims not only at sexual stimulation, but also at deep relaxation. This type of massage also has non-sexual benefits and can have a positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional spheres.

    1. Stress reduction: Erotic massage can help reduce stress through gentle and relaxing touches. By easing tensions in the body, it can also provide mental peace.
    2. Muscle relaxation: This type of massage can help relax muscles. With in-depth movements, it can relieve muscle tension and provide a feeling of comfort.
    3. Sensual sensations: Erotic massage can increase sensual experience. Stimulating the skin and tissues with gentle movements can create feelings of emotional satisfaction and relaxation.
    4. Self-care: Erotic massage can encourage you to take some time for yourself and take care of yourself. It gives you the opportunity to focus more on your body.
    5. Connection and empathy: This type of massage can increase bonding between people. A sense of trust and empathy can develop between both the giver and receiver of the massage.
    6. Increased confidence: The person giving or receiving an erotic massage can develop a greater awareness of their body. This can increase overall confidence.

What to keep in mind:
An erotic massage should be a respectful and consensual experience. It should take place in an environment where both parties feel comfortable and safe. Using professional massage therapists is one of the best ways to have this type of experience safely.

You can rest assured. As a sensual massage parlour, we offer our clients a unique experience, taking highly sensitive hygiene measures with a high level of guest understanding.
The following information about infection can put clients at risk when they go to low-quality massage parlours. However, our clients are never at risk of infection. It is our strict hygiene and health measures that make us the best massage parlour chain in Poland.

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What can be infected during an erotic massage?

It is important to prevent infections that can be transmitted during an erotic massage. Special attention should be paid to hygiene and safety issues during such massages. Here are some of the infections that can be transmitted during an erotic massage:

  1. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs): As erotic massage is aimed at sexual stimulation, the risk of sexually transmitted infections may increase. Infections such as HIV, chlamydia and herpes can be transmitted through sexual contact or contact with bodily fluids.
  2. Skin infections: oils, fluids or other materials used during massage can cause skin infections. The risk of infection increases especially with open wounds or irritated areas of skin.
  3. Bacterial infections: Bacterial infections can occur as a result of contact with unclean hands or equipment during massage. Wounds or open areas on the skin surface in particular can be entry points for such infections.
  4. Other infections due to lack of hygiene: Failure to observe hygiene rules in massage parlours can increase the risk of infections, which can be transmitted through the respiratory tract or by other means.

It is therefore important to pay attention to health and hygiene issues during erotic massage or any other massage. Professional massage parlours or therapists should take the necessary measures to minimise the risk of cleaning and infection. It is important to follow expert advice to reduce the risk of infection and ensure a safe experience.

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Erotic massage prices will not change much in 2023. If you would like the most up-to-date price list and information on detailed prices, please contact us by phone or WhatsApp. At the same time, if you would like to be informed about reduced prices, simply contact us. Erotic Massage Warsaw Price.