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Dear Guests,
Enhance your massage experience with the newest professional and youngest masseuses in Warsaw, preferred by the elite. We provide private VIP massage for tourists and elite Poles.
We are delighted to welcome you to the [sensualmassage.co.uk] family. We are an experienced team that strives to relax and renew your body and spirit. We offer you the beauty and positive effects resulting from erotic massage, while adhering to the principles of the highest professionalism, respect and discretion.

Experienced professionals

Experienced Professionals: Our qualified masseurs and masseuse, specialists in various areas of massage art, are here to take maximum care of your comfort and relaxation. With massage sessions tailored to your needs, you relax your mind and revitalise your body.
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Professionalism and Discretion

Professionalism and Discretion: [sensualmassage.co.uk] believes in ethical values, respects your privacy and relies on a professional and respectful approach. We create a safe environment so that you can enjoy the sensation in the most comfortable way.

Variety and choice

Variety and Choice: We offer a wide range of massage types. You can choose from options such as Nuru, Tantra, Fendom, Four Hands, prostate massage, anti-stress, sports or aromatherapy massage – adapting them to your needs and expectations.
sensual massage
sensual massage

Reservation & Contact

Booking and Contact: We look forward to seeing you! Contact us to make an appointment or for more information. [Contact Details].
[Sensualmassage.co.uk] realises that providing you with relaxation, renewal and a unique experience is our mission. We look forward to your visit and the opportunity to provide you with an unforgettable massage experience.
With love and respect, The Family [sensualmassage.co.uk].

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Erotic Types of massage

Achieve the relaxation you desire in a short space of time with different styles of sensual massage. Relax like never before. Let your body reach nirvana with our professional masseurs.
Our young and dynamic masseuses will relax you with starter packages such as 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours as a two-person or one-person team.
The most experienced late masseuses in the Warsaw region serve professional massage therapists with a certificate of authorisation.

4 Four Hands Massage

A four-handed massage is a type of massage performed by two people at the same time, and is often referred to as a ‘four-handed dream massage’. In this type of massage, two masseurs or masseuses work simultaneously, relaxing different areas of the body with simultaneous movements. It is a unique massage experience, designed to provide deeper relaxation and muscle relaxation.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a special type of massage that aims to increase harmony between body and mind. This type of massage focuses on the energy centres and seeks to strengthen emotional connections. This massage aims to relax, increase awareness and achieve emotional balance, with a focus on exploring and enhancing the sexual realm.

Full Body Massage

A full body massage is a type of massage that involves the whole body from head to toe. During this massage, different areas such as the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and sometimes the face are massaged using relaxing movements. The aim of the massage is to relax the muscles, reduce stress and create a general feeling of relaxation.

Lingam Massage

The lingam massage is a special type of massage originating from the Tantra tradition, which focuses on the male sexual sphere. During this massage, the genital area is gently and carefully stimulated. The aim of lingam massage is to increase men’s sexual awareness, to help them relax and to support their emotional balance.

Nuru Massage

A nuru massage is a special type of massage based on body contact. During this massage, a slippery surface is used on which a special gel or massage oil is applied. The masseuse or masseur, also using her body, applies special movements to different areas of the body and meridians. The aim of a nuru massage is to provide deep relaxation and to strengthen the emotional connection.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is a special type of massage that incorporates elements of intimate touch and aims to stimulate the sexual energy of the body. During this massage, techniques are used to provide both emotional relaxation and increased sexual sensation. The aim of erotic massage is to provide both emotional and sexual satisfaction and to provide a pleasurable experience.

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Erotic Massage Prices

“Our salon is located in the heart of Warsaw, in a pleasant and discreet atmosphere. Although we focus on offering the highest quality erotic massage services, our erotic massage prices are available to a wide range of clients and experts in the art of erotic massage. Our clients come from all corners of the world and return to us to satisfy their desires. We have also adapted our payment methods to meet their needs. You can pay not only with the local currency, i.e. Polish zlotys, but also with euros and dollars. Please confirm cash and card payments by phone. You will find the prices of the different types of massage (in Polish zloty, euros and dollars) below the text. You can choose your own evening erotic massage from the available procedures and techniques (Nuru, Tantra, Fendom, Four Hands, prostate massage, anti-stress, sports or aromatherapy massage, etc.), which will enliven your senses and will not strain your wallet.

Discounted prices are valid between 11.00-23.00

If you would like to book an appointment with our masseuses or masseurs at your home in Warsaw or the surrounding area, or in your hotel room, please contact us to make a booking or order and have the taxi fare added to the massage price.

How Much Does a Massage Cost?

Erotic Massage Price in Warsaw (how much does a massage cost)
Our philosophy is based on providing the highest quality service to a wide range of clients who are looking for relaxation, pleasure and rejuvenation for their body and mind. Well-qualified massage professionals, a clean and pleasant salon and quiet and discreet surroundings keep our clients coming back to us regularly. The increasing number of clients has prompted us to offer daily discounts during special Happy Hours in order to avoid unnecessary expectations and to best meet the needs and wishes of our clients.
Our services can also be pre-ordered for a fixed date. Due to the increasing interest in our massages, we recommend this approach.”


Валентин Лебедевич
Валентин Лебедевич
В общем, те кто как и я сомневается в качестве предоставления услуг в подобных заведениях я скажу,что все было на высшем уровне,брал 4 hands и был приятно удивлен,даже не взирая на то,что ранее имел опыт с несколькими девушками. Тут же Анжелика и Агата произвели на меня огромное впечатление своим мастерством)) Так же девушки были очень учтивы и милы,проявляли интерес,а не сидели с каменными лицами. В общем клиентоориентированность на высшем уровне . В заведении приятно все: музыка,приглушенный свет и свечи,прием администратора Милены оставил положительные эмоции. Советую;)
Nikos Luke
Nikos Luke
Excellent service! Highly recommended to visit!
Łukasz Wądołowski
Łukasz Wądołowski
Bardzo miło spędzone 2 godziny na masażu z bardzo sympatyczną masażystką. Polecam każdemu... Będę wracał.
Денис Баранский
Денис Баранский
Рики у тебя божевствинные руки и тело, спасибо за моральную поддержу. Всё на вышем уровне, очень тепло и приятно встретили, по возможносте заеду. Merci beaucoup
Курбонов Бехруз
Курбонов Бехруз
Прихожу в этот свлон уже не первый раз. И каждый раз под большим впечатлением остаюсь. Девушки красивые и очень нежные, персонал сделает все для ващего комфорта. Незабываемая атмосфера. Вернусь сюда еще нк одие раз. Советую)
Bahtiyor Usmanov
Bahtiyor Usmanov
Вчера случайно нашел этот салон через Google смотрю у них отценка стоит "5" и стало мне интересно. И пришёл сюда мои ожидания оправдали себя. Действительно салон супер атмосфера массаж девушки все на высшем уровне. Массажистка Ева ты молодец спасибо большое тебе. У тебя золотые руки. Сказочная красавица я обязательно вернусь к тебе. Да новых стрейч.
David Warren
David Warren
Katty, this is the best pleasure I've ever had, She exactly know what to do ,she knows how to relax you and get something you didn't even expect. She feels you completely and knows what you need, she will give you the opportunity to forget about everything, she is crazy, but at the same time very warm. I will return to her more than once. ????????????
Pasha Hursik
Pasha Hursik
Очень уютно,хороший и отзывчив персонал) Массаж удивил на 100% Рекомендую посетить для расслабления
The employees at this establishment are doing an excellent job, and it truly provides a safe environment. I recommend it to everyone.
Piotr Starzewski
Piotr Starzewski
Kto nie był to naprawdę z całego serca mogę powiedzieć, że warto cena adekwatna do usług. Polecam każdemu, na pewno wrócę.


Current prices are listed. Call us to confirm. You can contact us via message via WhatsApp.

Yes, our massage parlour is very clean because we serve elite guests to a high standard.

An elite massage parlour means that we provide a high level of quality service. We should not be confused with an ordinary massage parlour.

This information should be confirmed before making an appointment. Our regular, elite and special clients always have an advantage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or WhatsApp. Our priority is the privacy and wishes of our customers.


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Sensual Massage – What is it?

Sensual Massage Sensual massage is a type of massage that usually aims to relax, establish an emotional connection and increase body awareness. The primary point of this type of massage is to provide relaxation by focusing on the sensory experience of the person. The touches are usually gentle, slow and performed using sensory-feeling techniques. This type of massage may be preferred to increase the emotional bond between partners or to strengthen the connection with one’s own body.

Sensual Massage Who’s Affected?

Sensual massage is usually chosen by couples to strengthen the emotional bond and increase romantic intimacy. However, it can also be chosen by individuals who want to connect more deeply with their bodies, relax and reduce stress. Anyone who appreciates sensual experiences and desires relaxation can enjoy this type of massage in the right environment.

Is Sensual Massage Made for Women?

Yes, women can also enjoy a sensual massage if they so wish. Sensual massage is not restricted by gender; people of both sexes can enjoy this type of massage. Women can also choose sensual massage for body relaxation, emotional intimacy and stress reduction.

Is Sensual Massage performed for men?

Yes, men can also enjoy a sensual massage if they so wish. Sensual massage is not restricted by gender; people of both sexes can enjoy this type of massage. Men too can choose sensual massage for body relaxation, emotional intimacy and stress reduction.

Sensual Massage – How to Perform It – Steps:

Sensual massage is a method of relaxation and emotional bonding using gentle and sensual touches. Here are the steps you should consider when performing a sensual massage:
  1. Preparing the Environment: Choose a quiet, darkened room to create a relaxing environment. Enhance the atmosphere with candles, soft music and pleasant scents.
  2. Choice of Oil: Choose a natural and light massage oil. You can use oils with pleasant scents such as lavender, rose or vanilla.
  3. Warming: Gently heat the massage oil by warming it between your hands. This will help to make the massage more relaxing.
  4. Consent of the Person Being Massaged: Make sure the person to be massaged has consented to the massage, and make sure they are comfortable. Continue communication by asking the person about their preferred massage areas.
  5. Gentle and Slow Touches: Begin the massage with gentle touches. Focus on areas of the back, shoulders, neck and legs with slow movements.
  6. Variety of Techniques: Try a variety of touch techniques, such as circular movements, gentle strokes or squeezing.
  7. Establishing an Emotional Bond: Try to build an emotional bond through touches. Maintain communication and adapt to your partner’s response.
  8. Gentle Transitions: When moving from one area of the body to another, make transitions slowly, avoiding sudden changes.
  9. Relaxation Talks: You can introduce short, positive and supportive conversations into the massage to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  10. Finishing: Gradually end the massage, avoiding sudden movements. Give the person a moment to relax and remain still.
Benefits Associated with Performing Sensual Massage on the Human Body:
Sensual massage, a special type of massage that aims to relax the body and make an emotional connection. Here are some of the benefits that such a massage can bring to the human body:
  • Stress Reduction: Slow and gentle touches can help to reduce body tension and lower stress levels.
  • Emotional Bonding: Massage can increase emotional closeness in relationships and strengthen romantic relationships.
  • Increasing Body Awareness: Sensual massage can help you build a deeper connection with your body and increase body awareness.
  • Improve Circulation: Gentle touches can improve blood circulation, which in turn helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body.
  • Relaxation: Gentle movements and appropriate oils can promote both physical and mental relaxation.
  • Improving Sleep Quality: Emotional and physical relaxation can help to achieve better sleep quality.
  • Increased Self-Confidence: Positive contact with the body can increase self-confidence.
  • Muscle Flexibility: Gentle touches and light stretching can increase muscle flexibility.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Caring body touches can help improve emotional wellbeing.
  • Experiencing Sensuality: Sensual massage can enhance sensory experiences and make a person feel more responsive.